It is the moment for Web 3.0 to engage us in Circularity

Create your own Digital library and know exactly how to repair, exchange, reuse, resell and recycle your products!

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Accurate Digital Library with Validated information


Digital Library

Find all your physical products in a Digital library having the right information in hand 24/7. Want to Repair, Reuse, Resell, Recycle? Find in our directory the right partners!


Local Economies

To decrease impact in resource extraction and waste pollution we need to start enabling local economies and start mobilizing to a Circular Economy.


Zero Knowledge Proof

You choose what to share and what not. We have created a couple of filters so that you can decide to show your identity and more details depending on the request been made.


Democratizing the power of all of us regarding how we access and share information .


Ensuring transparency in information and an easy way to trade Phygytal Items and have the complete records.


Reliability and fast connection is one of our values to ensure our users feel safe in our platform.

~1 sec

Average Block Time

~ 2 secs

Transaction Finality


Transaction Cost




Back office

Carbon Neutral Network

Using the NEAR Protocol in our Blockchain Architecture we ensure that our everyday operations do not create harm. On the other hand, Google Servers ensure 99% of Renewable Energy.



Our Digital operations look to tackle the main bottlenecks Consumers and Supply Chain actors face for the Transition. So we commit to help achieve four SDGs with our everyday solutions.

IPPC reports that current consumption patterns accounts for 45 % of Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) so if we help consumers have the possibility to easy access Information and Take - Back schemes we can actually start reducing part of GHG emissions introducing Circular practices along products and materials can decrease GHG by 39%, keeping the planet below 2 degrees



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